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Planning a new construction or major renovation project can be a stressful process. Animark Custom Homes acknowledges everyone has a different budget and design style. We provide you with the security that you are in good hands with a knowledgeable leadership team and experienced tradesmen. We have developed exceptional working relationships with vendors throughout the community and service provider professionals in all trades. We work in close contact with all service providers involved to ensure your project is completed correctly and on budget.

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laneway home (coach house)

Since 2009, when laneway homes and coach houses became approved in Vancouver, thousands of home owners have applied for building permits as an exceptional investment opportunity for their existing property. Laneway houses, also known as a carriage or coach house, are typically one to two stories high, and can be built above or next to a detached garage in laneways. The cost involved to build a laneway home varies depending on its size, finishing materials, and municipality permit fees. The total construction costs typically reflect building permits, excavation, site planning, and main building construction, including surrounding landscaping.

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Home renovations and additions can make a substantial difference, not only by adding square footage to your existing space, but also increasing the value of your home. Animark Custom Homes will provide you with a free consultation to review key project details--such as building permits required--to determine the cost effectiveness of the project for you, the homeowner. For further information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us directly: or (604) 720-3183.

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